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Marlo offers spiritual guidance sessions that provide a supportive space for you to come into greater alignment with your soul and deepen your connection with Source.  She also offers plant medicine integration sessions and supports those who are in the process of a spiritual awakening.


She utilizes an array of tools to assist you on your journey including, Intentional Creativity (IC), guided meditation, visualization, and sacred witnessing.

Marlo was a mentor for me during my two-year ministerial training with the Center for Sacred Studies & I am so grateful for the opportunity to be so lovingly held by her during that time. Her calm, gentle & sweet presence coupled with her deep rootedness provided an anchor point for me in the midst of a lot of movement and change in my life. 

Marlo was ever present, open, and kind. She also held a very compassionate mirror up for me to see those things that were lurking in the shadows that I was having trouble seeing alone, yet she did so in a way that never left me feeling judged or condemned. I appreciate so dearly all the space she held for me and how she helped to guide me on my path in the most loving way. Also, her commitment to being in service and how she shows up for others is a testament to her walking prayer. May you also receive the blessing of Marlo’s radiant light." 


Rev. Mandy Officer, Minister of Walking Prayer

Spiritual Guidance

$100 per session

All individual therapy sessions are held virtually over zoom and are 60 minutes.

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